The healthy snack staples that keep me on track

Who out there is trying to eat healthier this spring? Same.

I'm a snack-aholic and tend to graze on snack foods throughout my day. As much as I'd love to say I'll just give up snacking, I know that's probably not very realistic. Do you ever find yourself in this predicament?

So instead of giving up snack foods, I've learned to change my mindset on snacking. When we think of snacking, our minds tend to go straight to processed, nutrient deprived foods like potato chips, fries, and candies.

I don't know about you, but when I binge out on these types of processed foods my body crashes and I feel like crawling under the covers by about 3pm. Not ideal. But it's possible to snack on some yummy, easily accessible foods without feeling like a total grease ball by late afternoon.

Now I keep some foods on hand that are healthy, light snack staples that allow me to graze without consuming a billion empty calories in a day and even provide me with some additional healthy nutrients, win-win!

Here's a list of some healthy, easy snack foods that will keep you feeling your best!

Note: these are not meant to be heavy or super filling snacks that hold you over for hours, more graze-friendly light snacks :)

Veggie Snacks:

Snap peas

Baby carrots

Cucumber slices


Sweet pepper slices

Cherry tomatoes


Chopped up lettuce to make quick salads

Fruit Snacks: *these are fruits that are lower in sugar to keep you from the 3pm sugar crash*

Blueberries (if you've never snacked on frozen blueberries, you are missing out!)





Misc Snacks:

String / sliced cheese

Greek Yogurt

Almonds (a little go a long way!)


Deli meat

Boiled eggs

And there you go! Snacking that doesn't sacrifice your calories for the entire day and actually leaves you a bit more energized.

Leave us a comment with your favorite go-to healthy snacks~