Boost your energy: tips to increase your water consumption

Maybe it's already obvious to you just how important drinking your water is, but it’s only become important to me over the last couple of years. Because of my dehydration & underlying low blood pressure, I experienced a sudden onset of onset of fainting / near fainting. I went through multiple hospitalizations and doctor visits, with the ultimate conclusion that I was simply not hydrated near enough.

You may be wondering how I never realized I was under hydrated. Me too. But regardless of what I could have or should have done, this has kick-started my "hydration journey".

While I started focusing in on this due to my condition, I have reaped many more benefits than I expected. We're talking the big E... ENERGY.

I am amazed at how high my energy levels are (yes, even after work) when I have consciously done some stretching and sipped on water throughout the day. I've finally conquered over my Wednesday slump (the day where I get home from work at 7pm and go to bed at 7:15pm). And am able to pour more of myself into my relationships and hobbies.

I have freed myself from being someone who only manages enough energy to make it through the day, to someone who feels empowered to do more. Weekdays included.

And seriously, we are just hitting the tip of the ice berg. We haven't even mentioned my newly glowing skin and less junk-food snacking (aka the lovely physical benefits).

If you're like past me, and drinking water is not as fun to you as drinking coffee, here are my tips to getting started:

  • Sip frequently rather than chugging at once. TMI, but go off of the color of your urine not on a certain measurement. Trust your body to tell you when it needs more.

  • Use a little juice glass rather than a big water bottle. I like this because my water stays within my vision during work, while a big water bottle may get stored on the ground. I keep my re-usable bottle with me, but now to refill my glass & track the amount I've had. Check out the two brands of water bottles I'm using below!

  • Add electrolytes (when you need the extra boost). These little bad boys help you feel more hydrated with a little less water. I'm adding these when I workout (long runs & hot yoga) and when I drink alcohol. Especially when I drink (before and after). If you're getting tired of running to the bathroom all the time, this also may be a good way to stay hydrated. Brands I love: Liquid I.V. & Nuun

  • Avoid setting ridiculous goals (at least in the beginning). Focus instead on consistency. Push yourself to increase your hydration levels over a period of time.

  • Set smaller, achievable goals which can easily happen every day. Two easy-peasy goals I have: water before coffee & a cup with every meal.

  • Be mindful of activity levels & scale up when you need to.

Sip, girl, sip.

Bloom, baby, bloom.