Midwest born & raised! Even though we grew up spending most of our time together, we turned out quite different. We now live thousands of miles apart (sadly), but one thing holds true for both of us: we are on a search for the good life. We believe there is joy to be found in the seemingly mundane tasks of life (and some of the more fun ones, too).

Daisies in Bloom is a combination of our experiences and advice to help you navigate through the craziness of relationships, finances, motherhood, health and life in general. We are here to help you find your own path to the good life, whatever that looks like for you.

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finance associate // yoga instructor & student // wellness & lifestyle blogger // hobby enthusiast // future wifey // cat mom

Luxembourg, LU


audiologist // 6 years in youth ministry // wellness & lifestyle blogger // wife & mom // dog mom // lover of all things family, faith, coffee & outdoors


Ohio, USA